the worlds tarotMystic Tarot Card Reading $55
is one of are best reading Serena provides tarot card readings that give guidance in many areas of life including career changes and relationships. They give you valuable insights from your past or into your future. Find comfort and advice from a spiritual tarot reading.

Psychic Reading…..$45
Serena’s reading will tell you thing about your self and people surounding you.

Personalized Palm Reading $35
To better understand yourself, Let Serena provide you with the personal touch of a palm reading. This reading will reveal things from your past that have shaped your character and circumstances. With a better understanding of yourself, you are empowered to positively shape your present and future.

hamsaEnergy Healing and Chakra Treatments
Energy healing treatments are both cleansing and beneficial. natural tools are also used during this treatment such as candles, sage, incense,oils and crystals. can help ease your mind and center your heart. it is also 100 percent % safe and natural . Energy healings are an excellent way to release unwanted blocks and negative energies and can help with…

Low energy or feeling tired and not rested
A broken or troubled relationship
Better energy in career area
To attract the right people and in your life.
More positive energy at home or with family.
and more!

Please contact Serena for rates of each healing treatment and for which one may be right for you. All energy healing treatments are 100% safe and effective. Only positive energy and strong holistic prayers are used along with the most safe and reliable tools such as candles, crystals, oils, and sage. Please contact Serena for prices and to find out which energy healing treatment may be right for you

ChakraManGold2Chakra Balancing & Healing – This is our signature treatment. We start off with a crystal chakra balancing This will bring out your energy and open up your chakras. This allows our spiritualist to work with your energetic meridians and balance out your chakras by placeing seven different crystals, a singing bowl and aromatherapy with the seven different essential chakra oils. This treatment will not only relax your body but also your mind and spirit. 60 min


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